How do you prepare your coffee at home?

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How do you prepare your coffee at home?

We use different methods of preparation at Boonton Coffee as each method offers our customers a different level of flavor of our freshly roasted beans.
Read on to see how the preparation method can influence the taste of the coffee.
Pour Over Method
If you've visited our store, you may have noticed our industrial looking pour over stands.  Although it looks similar to the drip method, this rustic stand is a slow brewer.  To prepare the filter, it is rinsed with water to remove any residual paper taste from the coffee. We use a special Goose neck kettle to heat the water to a specific temperature and to give our Baristas a more precise pour which helps to avoid flooding of the beans. On the first pour, the beans will bloom which is caused by a release of Co2.   Now we can proceed with the remaining pours in a slow and steady manner until the brew is complete.  The result of this process is a smooth coffee that offers more precise flavors of our freshly roasted beans.  It takes about 5 minutes to prepare...don't go for this method if you're in a rush! 
Latte & Cappuccino
These two popular options are espresso based drinks with varying amounts of steamed milk. We recommend a small to medium sized latte to ensure the drink isn't overpowered by the milk. For that reason, our cappuccinos are served one size only.  At Boonton Coffee, we have one of the best espresso machines - a La Marzocco.  We start with a quality extraction of espresso using our beans roasted in store. We top the espresso with milk, which is steamed to a delicious velvety smooth micro foam, perfect for creating latte art!


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