The difference between iced coffee and cold brew

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The difference between iced coffee and cold brew

Cold brew can be confused with iced coffee however there is a big difference in preparation methods and flavor.  
Iced coffee is simply drip coffee with added ice, it can taste a bit like watered down coffee although a nice pick me up on a warm summers day.  
The beauty of the cold brew method is that there are no bitter flavors and around 60%, of the naturally occurring acidity that forms in hot coffee, is removed.  Good news for folks that have sensitive stomachs and tend to avoid coffee due to its acidity.  
The brewing method for cold brew is simple but takes a long time.  A large amount of ground beans in soaked in a "Toddy" over night and is brewed at room temperature.  The beans never touch hot water which gives the brew its smooth, non-acidic flavor and is said to maintain the antioxidants from the coffee bean that is usually destroyed when introduced to boiling water.  Cold brew is extremely strong and is a concentrate, we serve it straight up but it can be cut with milk or water to reduce the intensity of the caffeine. Unlike drip coffee, the cold brew concentrate can be stored for a couple of days and you can even add it to hot water for a smooth tasting hot coffee.  It is also delicious drizzled over ice cream!


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