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Sulawesi (Dark Roast) - Sapan Minanga (12oz) Fairtrade

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Introducing our Sulawesi (Dark Roast) - Sapan Minanga (12oz) Fairtrade coffee. Sourced from the captivating region of Sulawesi, this dark roast is a flavor-packed delight that will awaken your senses.

At Boonton Coffee, we prioritize fair trade practices, ensuring that the hardworking farmers who cultivate these beans receive the compensation they deserve. With each sip of this coffee, you're supporting a sustainable and ethical coffee industry.

Roasted to perfection, our Sulawesi (Dark Roast) - Sapan Minanga beans bring out a remarkable flavor profile that will captivate your taste buds. Hazelnut, cherry, and bakers chocolate blend together perfectly.

With a smooth and velvety texture, this coffee delivers a full-bodied cup that leaves a lasting impression. The natural sweetness of cherry blends seamlessly with the nutty undertones and the deep richness of bakers chocolate, resulting in a truly satisfying and well-balanced coffee experience.