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Burundi A COCOA Twaranyuzewe (12oz) Organic & Fair Trade

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Burundi A Cocoa Twarantuzewe is a unique and flavorful coffee bean variety that originates from the Twarantuzewe region in Burundi. These beans are carefully handpicked and meticulously processed to ensure the highest quality and taste.

When brewed, this coffee produces a bright, creamy flavor profile with notes of peach and strawberries. Its medium body and moderate acidity make it a perfect choice for any coffee lover looking for a balanced and flavorful cup.

Burundi A Cocoa Twarantuzewe is also a sustainable and ethically sourced coffee. The beans are sourced from smallholder farmers in Burundi who practice environmentally friendly farming methods and are paid fair wages for their hard work.

At Boonton Coffee, we take great care in roasting these beans to bring out their unique flavor profile. Our roasting process enhances the cocoa notes and produces a smooth finish that will leave you craving for more.

Whether you enjoy your coffee as an espresso or drip, Burundi A Cocoa Twarantuzewe is a must-try for any coffee lover who appreciates a high-quality and sustainably sourced coffee.