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Colombia - Cauca Perla de Inza Organic (12oz)

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Looking for a rich, flavorful coffee that's also organic and sustainably sourced? Look no further than Boonton Coffee Co's Colombia - Cauca Perla de Inza Organic!

This coffee is sourced from the Perla de Inza Cooperative, a group of small-scale farmers in the Cauca region of Colombia who are dedicated to producing high-quality organic coffee while also preserving their natural environment. The beans are grown at high altitudes, which results in a complex and nuanced flavor profile.

With tasting notes of chocolate, caramel, and citrus, this medium roast coffee is perfect for those who appreciate a smooth, balanced cup of coffee. It's also versatile enough to be enjoyed with or without milk, and can be brewed using a variety of methods, from a traditional drip coffee maker to a French press or pour-over.

Plus, by choosing Boonton Coffee Co's Colombia - Cauca Perla de Inza Organic, you can feel good about supporting sustainable farming practices and local communities.