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You found me! Boonton Coffee's seriously-extremely-rare decision to stock a Micro Lot batch of coffee for our selection. What is a Micro Lot you ask? Great question, presumptively present coffee drinker that's reading this! Micro Lot generally refers to a batch of coffee that's grown on only one farm, and only harvested one time. This is as "single-origin" as it comes, and if you know us, you know that we only stock single-origin coffees.


A farm generally decides to do a micro lot of a coffee because it is difficult to grow by normal standards; it requires a lot more attentive care than the normal coffee plant. This creates a demand in specialty coffee, because the taste and overall quality are much better than the usual. We personally don't like to stock them, not because we don't enjoy the craft behind a micro lot, but because, well, you know the saying, "If you bring candy for the class, you better bring enough for the whole class". And because of the restrictions on ordering higher amounts, we never end up with enough for the whole class.


Oh yeah! The flavor! Treat your pallate to the explosion of mango and strawberry notes married ever so delicately with the viscous sweet taste of honey. I don't blame you if you had to have a double-take at the flavor notes; we were in just as much disbelief until we tried it ourselves. Don't be a Regretty Ronald, get your hands on a bag of this coffee before it dissapears forever (and no offense to any Ronalds, we just needed an imaginary person to pick on).


Coffee Details

Elevation 1800 meters

Varietals Caturra

Process Fully Washed

Drying Patio Drying

Colombia. Nariño Excelso - Marco Antonio Munoz

Price Options
One-time purchase
Keep em comin' !!
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$16.63every month until canceled
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    We roast and bag our coffee to order, we will ship the same day to guarentee you receive the freshest possible coffee.

  • Subscriptions

    We take pride in consistantly offering the freshest coffee. This involves dilligent rotation of our coffee selection, aligning with the seasons since coffee is an agricultural product. Rest assured, as one season's crop concludes, we will introduce another exceptional coffee with a comparable flavor profile and send directly to you. 

  • Return Policy

    No returns. 

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