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An aromatic explosion of bodaciously delicious flavor! This particular coffee blew us away immediately with a "Wow, this is really different!" when we first tried it. If you're a coffee adventurer that enjoys going against the grain and switching it up, this one will make you realize how complexly different coffee varieties can taste from eachother.


With flavor notes of cherry, lime, and honey, this coffee is bursting with deliciousness, and the generally acidic nature of cherry and lime is completely married with the sweetness of the honey. 


Coffee Details

Elevation 1800 meters

Varietals Bourbon

Process Fully Washed

Harvest March

Drying Raised Beds

DR Congo, Kivu Nyamasasa,

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  • Shipping Info

    We roast and bag our coffee to order, we will ship the same day to guarentee you receive the freshest possible coffee.

  • Subscriptions

    We take pride in consistantly offering the freshest coffee. This involves dilligent rotation of our coffee selection, aligning with the seasons since coffee is an agricultural product. Rest assured, as one season's crop concludes, we will introduce another exceptional coffee with a comparable flavor profile and send directly to you. 

  • Return Policy

    No returns. 

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