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Ah, Yirgacheffe Ethiopian coffee, the "crème de la crème" of the specialty coffee world. It's no secret that Ethiopia not only "discovered" coffee, but even today they maintain themselves to be the best producers of it; and the Yirgacheffe region wins back-to-back competitions every year in taste for their coffee production


If you're here to buy the absolute highest quality coffee bean possible, Ethiopia wins by a mile. Ethiopia stands as the only country origin that we'll stock year round, and after your first sip of it you'll understand why.


This particular Ethiopian coffee has a unique flavor profile with notes of fresh strawberry and blackberry, complemented by a subtle raisin finish. Enjoy the smooth body and sweet, complex taste of this exquisite coffee, and become addicted like the rest of us


Coffee Details

Elevation 1800 meters

Varietals Ethiopian Heirloom

Process Natural

Harvest November

Drying Raised Beds

Ethiopia, Yirgacheffe Biloya

Price Options
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$16.63every month until canceled
  • Shipping Info

    We roast and bag our coffee to order, we will ship the same day to guarentee you receive the freshest possible coffee.

  • Subscriptions

    We take pride in consistantly offering the freshest coffee. This involves dilligent rotation of our coffee selection, aligning with the seasons since coffee is an agracultural product. Rest assured, as one season's crop concludes, we will introduce another exceptional coffee with a comparable flavor profile and send directly to you. 

  • Return Policy

    No returns. 

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